Wizara ya Viwanda, Biashara na Uwekezaji

Waziri wa Viwanda, Biashara na Uwekezaji

Hon. George Joseph Kakunda (Mb)


Sera na Mipango

Head of Department, Director: Edward M. Sungula

Assistant Director: Alfred R. Mapunda (Policy Section)
Assistant Director: Elizabeth W. Z. Msengi (Planning and Budget Section)
Assistant Director: Zaitun Baghdellah (Monitoring & Evaluation)


To provide expertise and services in policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation


i. To coordinate preparation of ministerial policies and monitor their implementation and carry out their impact assessments;

ii. To analyze policies from other sectors and advise accordingly;

iii. To coordinate preparation and implementations of ministerial plans and budgets;

iv. To carry out monitoring and evaluation of the ministry plans and budgets and prepare performance reports;

v. To carry out research, assessments and evaluation of ministerial plans and provide a basis for making informed decisions on the future direction of the ministry;

vi. To encourage and facilitate the provision of the services by the Private Sector in the Ministry;

vii. To coordinate preparations of Ministerial contributions to the budget speech and Annual Economic Report;

viii. To institutionalize strategic planning ; budget; and monitoring and evaluation skills in the Ministry; and

ix. To ensure that ministerial plans and budgets are integrated into the government budgeting process.

This division will be led by a Director and it have four Sections;-

i. Policy Section

ii. Planning Section and

iii. Monitoring, Evaluation and Performance Reporting Section.

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