Wizara ya Viwanda na Biashara

Waziri wa Viwanda na Biashara

Hon. Prof Kitila Mkumbo (MP)


Sera na Mipango


To provide expertise and services in policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation


i. To coordinate preparation of ministerial policies and monitor their implementation and carry out their impact assessments;

ii. To analyze policies from other sectors and advise accordingly;

iii. To coordinate preparation and implementations of ministerial plans and budgets;

iv. To carry out monitoring and evaluation of the ministry plans and budgets and prepare performance reports;

v. To carry out research, assessments and evaluation of ministerial plans and provide a basis for making informed decisions on the future direction of the ministry;

vi. To encourage and facilitate the provision of the services by the Private Sector in the Ministry;

vii. To coordinate preparations of Ministerial contributions to the budget speech and Annual Economic Report;

viii. To institutionalize strategic planning ; budget; and monitoring and evaluation skills in the Ministry; and

ix. To ensure that ministerial plans and budgets are integrated into the government budgeting process.

This division will be led by a Director and it have four Sections;-

i. Policy Section

ii. Planning Section and

iii. Monitoring, Evaluation and Performance Reporting Section.

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